There are numerous easy steps we can do that can help reduce Anxiety/OCD, reduce depression, and brighten our outlook.

Activities are a great way to burn off anxious energy and “Push Start” a good mood. Any kind of activity can be good, it does not need to cost anything, just as long as we are out there doing something. It can be as simple as going for a long walk or easy bike ride. Simple gardening can be useful. And if we want to go a little further there is fishing, hiking, frolf, etc. Make yourself a “menu” of things you like doing, or have liked doing in the past. Then when you are stuck trying to think of something to do, just go to your menu!

Breaks are very important. Taking time away from the things in our lives that are sources of stress, pressure, or frustration helps us to internally recoup and regroup. If we push ourselves too much or too long, we risk becoming burned out, which can create distress and make anxiety worse. If you are like most of us, we say we will take a break, but then something else comes up and we never get to it. So, sometimes we may need to actually schedule a break of some kind on our calendars.

Self-care helps us maintain functioning and keep symptoms low. The two aspects above are part of self-care, but it also includes other important factors, such as: making sure we are getting at least 7hrs of quality sleep, mixing up what we eat to include good fuel for our bodies, seeing our primary care providers at least once a year, making sure we are taking medications and supplements regularly, and socializing. As humans, it is very important for us to spend time with the people in our lives who we enjoy, whether they are friends, family, members of clubs we belong to, or possibly even coworkers. Spending time with people we like and with whom we connect can bolster us in many ways. Spending time around people who aggravate or distress us can cause of difficulties.

Paying attention to our ABC’s can make life a lot easier and happier.

Thanks for reading, and live happy!